Certificate of Excellence

In 2002, I started working for Wearbest Sil-Tex Mills, located in Garfield, NJ.  I returned to a technical CAD job and eventually took over all of the contract work, which was both stimulating aesthetically and technically.  During this time, my daughter Lilly was born and I was able to manage the balance between work and family until Claire was born two years later.  It was then, I made the decision to leave industry and focus on my family.  Being home gave me an opportunity to pursue other creative ventures.  I ran an ETSY shop for several years, started folding origami and began to weave with a group of experienced weavers at Newark Museum lead by a tremendous teacher, Pam Pawl.  Someone in the group told me about the Certificate of Excellence through the Handweaver’s Guild of America.  This self directed program requires 40 woven samples, design and color research, and research on weaving equipment and terminology.  I spent two years weaving my samples and preparing my submission for evaluation.  I am proud that I passed Level 1 in Handweaving in the fall of 2012, the same year we moved to California.  This experience has made me a better overall weaver.  I have a loom and I’m not afraid to use it!


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