New Voices In Weaving

With some persistence, I was able to get a job in industry as a CAD designer at a high-end jacquard upholstery mill, in Lancaster County, PA.  It was perhaps the most fun job I have ever had and simply could not believe that someone would pay me to design fabrics.  I learned a lot about jacquard design from Klaus Flock, an extremely talented jacquard designer and design director at Weave Corporation.  In 1996, I was part of a group show New Voices In Weaving, curated by Cynthia Schira at the Contemporary Crafts Museum in Portland, OR.  I wove several pieces that incorporated double weave pickup with open ended pockets and a new discontinuous pleat (flap) structure that I had developed on my own.  The work from this show never went anywhere but the flap construction would end up as my woven origami, down the road.KibbutznikKibbutznik-detail1CornsilkFalling Leaves


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